3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

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We value our clients' experience at Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Liz L.

I took my one-year-old dog to Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic last night for an annual routine check-up. I have been going back and forth to five other veterinary clinics within the one year I have had my dog. He has been seen for a couple of minor health issues. I do not have any problems with the clinics I have been to nor the veterinarians who saw my dog but my experience at Caring Hands has been like no other. Dr. Thomas and his staff members were kind and welcoming. Their office is really clean and located in a good area. They also have very convenient hours and it is super easy to get ahold of them. At my appointment, I expressed to Dr. Thomas my concerns about my dog's previous health issues. My dog has been diagnosed with skin allergies as well as a luxating patella. Dr. Thomas performed a full body examination on my dog and then gave a second opinion on the diagnoses. He thoroughly explained everything to me, also giving me his advice on what to do as well as what other options are available. I am very happy with my visit at Caring Hands and I am glad I have a found a place that I can trust and depend on when it comes to caring for my best friend.


Lisa F.

Dr. Thomas is wonderful. He is knowledgeable, caring and kind. He spends the time to talk over my concerns without making me feel rushed and he is great with my furbabies. When we said goodbye to our lab this week the staff was patient and caring. Caring Hands is the perfect name for this office based on my experience with Dr. Thomas and his staff.



Super clean and modern office. Our former vet is still great. However when our cat needed to be seen by a vet immediately, the staff here was able to see her that night without an appointment. Dr. Thomas is warm and caring. Our girl was in great hands. He performed surgery on her and made sure that she was comfortable and cared for the entire time. I spoke to him on the phone prior to her surgery. He was patient and explained everything thoroughly to me. When we came to drop her off, he was just as kind and thorough as he had been on the phone. I really appreciate the time that he took & the courtesy he showed me. The staff genuinely seems to care and answered all our questions. I also find his pricing to be very reasonable compared to other vets.


Doreen C.

Our Border Collie has a mass on his lower lip. Our regular Vet barely looked at it, then sent us to VSEC to have a surgical consultation. After once again, barely looking at my dog, the surgeon at VSEC quoted us a price of $2800 or removal. We called Caring Hands for a second opinion and we are so thrilled that we did. The staff was wonderf I l during our visit. And, our boy was actually examined....including the ugly mass that needs removal. Dr. Thomas was the first one to actually touch it and see u owe deep it went. He explained what the surgery would entail and he explained any complications that might arise. We got none of this information elsewhere. Then, holding our breath we awaited the estimate for our boy's procedure. It was 1/3 the amount VSEC quoted us!!! For the SAME procedure!!! Our boy goes in this week for his surgery and we are confident that he will be in great hands before, during and after this operation!!! We definitely found a new Vet for our 3 boys!!!!!


Morgan S.

My husband and I changed to Dr. Thomas shortly after Caring Hands opened because we were dissatisfied with our vet. We have two dogs and a cat that we now take to Caring Hands and we couldn't be happier and more satisfied. Dr. Thomas and the rest of the staff spend way more time examining and performing their assessments on our animals then anyone ever did before. They are extremely professional yet compassionate and down to earth. Anytime I have a problem with an animal I have been given an appointment the same day even the same hour upon calling the office. I think the prices are reasonable and feel that my pets receive honest and meticulous care. I would recommend Caring Hands to anyone looking for a vet for their pets.


By Trudy S

Took my dog here for the first time and it was a great experience. The staff are very friendly and helpful. My first impression was the office is very clean and organized despite the location they are in. Secondly, the wait was very short. Thirdly, I did not fill out any paper work at all. They use a very good EMR system and I was very impressed by it. I work in a doctor's office and use EMR systems everyday and this office really put theirs to use to the max. Dr. Thomas and the vet tech was very nice and gentle to my dog. I have taken her to the VCA and she shakes severely every time. But here, she did so well they complimented how well behaved she was. I also like the fact that Dr. Thomas explains what the problem is and what the prognosis is. Then, he gives you a layout of all the treatment options and put them in order from priority first. The tech then comes in and gives you a list of the treatment plans and the prices (again, on their awesome EMR system) and then you just basically pick and choose what you want done. I didn't like the VCA because the vet there ALWAYS try to persuade or convince me to do a million things that are so pricy and unnecessary. Dr. Thomas gave me a rough estimate for a procedure but unfortunately my dog ended up needing more things done. The price ended up being higher than what he expected but he was kind enough to give me a discount to make it more reasonable. Now, most people may think it's a scam or they're trying to appear as if they are giving a discount but working in the medical field myself, I know what it's like to run an office and the expenses. So, I appreciated the discount. I did spend quite a big chunk of money but then again, I adopted my dog recently and she was not properly taken cared of as far as her health. It was expected that I would have to spend a lot to get her on track. So far, my dog is doing fantastic and I am very satisfied and happy with the care. They called the next day to check on her progress and have her scheduled for a follow up as well. And......their hours are great!! I work two jobs, 6 days a week and don't have to take any time off from work to get her seen.


Michael S.

I run a business (Computer Mafia) however not knowing animals as much as computers i take my dog to the pros. I was very pleased with Dr.Thomas & His staff. This was the first place i took my dog to be seen & i was blown away with how patient and enduring everyone was even tho my dog wasn't cooperating at all. Will definitely be going again and absolutely a regular for anything my dog needs.


By: Liza O.

I have been nothing but pleased with Caring Hands and Dr. Thomas. I called at the last minute with somewhat of a cat emergency and they were able to fit me in the same day. And did I mention it was a Saturday and I was a brand new patient?! My visit was with Dr. Thomas, not a tech or assistant. He was very kind and down to earth & clearly very, very experienced. He handled my cat wonderfully. The clinic is clean, modern, and everyone there is super friendly.

I had been looking for a new vet closer to home and I've found one. I love that they have evening hours and are open all day Saturday. Prices were reasonable and competitive with other vets, but the service & flexibility there makes them a far superior vet. Would absolutely recommend Caring Hands, Dr. Thomas, and his staff!


By: Christina G.

I needed to find a vet for my 3 year old cat who has been sneezing recently. It was super easy and quick to make an appointment at the Caring Hands Vert Clinic. I sent them an email and I got a return email shortly after. They have great hours. I am so happy to find a vert that is open on nights and Saturdays. I was scared that I would have to take off from work to take my little man in for his sneezing.

On Saturday, they took me and my kittie as soon as we arrived. The facility is very nice, clean and modern. They asked a lot of questions about my cat and really took the time to get to him us and his history. Both the vet tech and Dr. Sajeesh Thomas were so wonderful with my cat. He was able to quickly diagnose my cat and put me at ease. And my cat really felt comfortable in the exam room and loved Dr. Thomas and the vet tech. I have the sweetest most affectionate cat, but he never lets me check his teeth. Dr. Thomas must have the right touch because he opened his mouth wide open for him. My cat was able to get meds for his sniffles right there and he is now practically sneeze free. I live in the City, but decided to make the ride out to NE Philly so that I don't have to worry about parking or taking a cab to the vet. Prices are reasonable and they don't try to talk you into shots or treatment that are unnecessary.

I am so glad I found Caring Hands. Meow Meows and I are both a fan. I don't think you could find a better vet experience.


By: Nicole H.

This is the first time I have owned a cat so finding a vet reasonably priced but not lacking in professionalism and knowledge was very important to me. When this vet clinic opened, I saw the ads they put out for a discounted visit and decided to give it a try. I'm very glad I did! The staff is professional, the doctor is excellent, and everyone is friendly and kind to new pet owners. They also treat my cat as if she were their own pet, which is very sweet. I recommend this vet to anyone!


By : Laura L

I'm so thankful for Dr. Thomas! Our rescue is in the NE and we have had problems getting the right type of care we were looking for. Dr. T and his nurse Sarah have been amazing to us and our foster pups! W e usually pull dogs from the city shelter and they can be a little banged up , mangey and kennel cough, when we get them out but its great to see people that care about the animals and are flexible. Good hours, super fair prices ( every little bit helps!) and their place is always clean. They get an A in my book! Cilantro says hi!


  • By: Barbara M.

I am happy that Caring Hands has opened in the Academy Plaza Shopping Center (at Grant Ave). They are located between It Figures and Freedom Insurance. They should give Knightswood a run for their money, which is now my former veterinary practice. Dr. Thomas and his staff could not be any more courteous and professional. Right now they are open in the evenings except for Friday and Saturday when they are open during the day and closed on Sundays. The examination room I was in contained a wall-mounted computer and I assume the other rooms are set up the same way. I was able to review the invoice detail on the screen before I approved the plan of care and received answers to all my questions. And no, I don't work there nor am I related to anyone who does.

Other Reviews.

"Dear Dr. Thomas:

I’m writing this letter to you because I appreciated how you gave me this special opportunity to experience the everyday life of a (DVM) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. As I watched you perform various surgeries and dental cleaning. I observed and picked up on something that will contribute to my success in the future. You showed me many things that will prepare me for my future as I pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. You gave me an opportunity that not most people can obtain yet alone a teenager such as myself and now since you took the time to go out of your way and pass on some information to me that inspires me to do the same to educate the future generation and inspire them to pursue a career they are interested and be passionate about obtaining that career.

One day I will be a Veterinarian and I owe that reason to you Dr. Thomas thank you for being a good teacher/ role model for me I will treasure this opportunity you have given me and make a difference in myself, my community, and hopefully the society.


Jaleel Williams"

3/21/13, Spring Intern at CHVC

"To the staff at Caring Hands,

I needed help on Saturday February 23,2013. Your office was so kind enough to take my ( son) 11 year old maltese. Vet tech Monica and Dr Sajeesh were so compassionate with my situation. Unfortunately, my Pierre had to be put to sleep :They gave me time to spend with my baby before and after.

If anything, your staff should be Caring Hands of the Year!.

I just want to say thank you for being so kind in my sad situation."

Feb 25th, 2013 CHVC Client

“A respected colleague of mine while employed by the PSPCA in Philadelphia Dr. Sajeesh Thomas has impressed me with his continued dedication to providing veterinary care in the shelter community. As a staff veterinarian at the PSPCA he was selected to provide veterinary services at the City of Philadelphia's Hunting Park Animal Shelter. Owned by the City of Philadelphia this shelter's work has been contracted out to several non profit animal welfare organizations in past years. The PSPCA while under contract with the City of Philadelphia managed this shelter's Animal Care and Control Team. Dr Thomas did an outstanding job standardizing and raising the level of veterinary care at this shelter which handles over 12,000 animals a year. Meeting each day and it's challenges his medical and surgical skills have saved countless lives. During the recent management shift from the PSPCA to CHVC he continues to work to maintain standards of care at the shelter and provide stability for his staff. He is held in high regard by myself and all who work for him.”

June 4, 2012 Anonymous Veterinarian, PSPCA worked directly with Sajeesh at PSPCA

“I have worked with Dr. Thomas for the past two years at the Animal Care and Control Team. Working with him has been an incredible experience. On most days he is the only veterinarian at the shelter. He starts his morning by quickly and thoroughly examining all of the sick and injured animals that have come into the shelter overnight. After this, he spends the rest of the day in surgery. Since we work at the city's shelter, the surgery schedule is unpredictable - and usually overbooked. Most of our surgeries are spays and neuters for adopted animals. Though, Dr. Thomas has also done countless wound repairs, amputations, enucleations, foreign body removals, and a other types of surgeries with very limited resources. Not only is Dr. Thomas an excellent surgeon, but he is always willing to teach staff and students new things. Our shelter has a close relationship with the veterinary school at University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Thomas is very patient and helps the visiting students with their surgeries - insuring the best possible care for our animals, while still providing the future veterinarians a rewarding learning experience. Besides being a great doctor. Dr. Thomas is a great person to work with. He is funny, compassionate, flexible, and sincerely cares about working together to provide a better quality of life for the unwanted animals of Philadelphia.”

January 28, 2012 Rachael Small, Veterinary technician, Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) worked indirectly for Sajeesh at ACCT Powered By PSPCA

“Sajeesh is a high-energy, dynamic veterinary clinician in every sense of word. He is highly focused, driven and his performance which manifests itself in the excellence that he consistently delivers to his colleagues, clients and employers makes him an outstanding professional. Sajeesh is honest and direct in his professional relationships. He is curious, hungry for knowledge, and above all, eager to exceed expectations. His no-nonsense approach, coupled with his unparalleled professionalism and communication skills make him a powerful asset to any team in which he works. He will make an impact in every role he inhabits. I would highly recommend Sajessh for anyone who is looking for a dynamic, highly professional and charismatic veterinarian who also treats each client with great courtesy, and it is that rare personal touch that puts him way above others in his field”

November 16, 2011Manu Sebastian DVM PhD Dipl ACVP, ABT, Chief of Comparative Pathology, Columbia University

“Sajeesh is the ultimate professional, expert, Vet. He is always very pleasant and patient with all customers and co-workers. I highly recommend Sajeesh to anyone who is in need of Vet services!”

August 10, 2011Wanda A. Reese, Human Resources Specialist, Pennsylvania SPCA
worked with Sajeesh at PSPCA

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