3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

Pet Surgery at Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic

Whenever a loved one must undergo surgery, you may feel understandably tense or anxious, whether that loved one is a human member of the family or a beloved pet. Fortunately, you can gain assurance from the fact that you've chosen Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic for your pet's surgical needs. Our Philadelphia vet clinic can provide a wide range of pet surgery procedures, from preventative care to emergency treatment, to help your pet enjoy an optimally healthy and functional life.


Common Kinds of Pet Surgery

While you might automatically associate surgery with dramatic, life-or-death scenarios, this form of care can address many kinds of challenges. Our veterinarian, Dr. Thomas, frequently performs such diverse procedures as:

  • Reproductive surgery - Many pets undergo spay or neuter surgery as a preventative safeguard, not just a means of birth control. While removal of the male or female sex organs definitely prevents conception, it also eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of many diseases, including reproductive cancers. We also perform C-sections on pregnant animals that cannot manage a safe, normal delivery.
  • Eye and ear surgery - Pets' eyes and ears are subject to numerous problems that might call for surgical attention. For example, we can surgically relieve a hematoma lump caused by blood accumulation) of the ear. We can also perform surgery to correct entropion (eyelid malformation) or eye injuries.
  • General internal surgery - When your pet is threatened by an internal growth, stone, ingested object, or congenital abnormality, internal surgery can help. We can also perform diagnostic surgery, if necessary, to evaluate an internal condition that proves elusive to non-invasive imaging techniques.
  • Trauma surgery - A traumatic accident can leave your pet with open fractures, deep lacerations, internal bleeding, and other acute damage. Our veterinarian can administer immediate surgical treatment to stabilize your pet's condition and remove the immediate danger.
  • Orthopedic surgery - If your pet suffers from joint damage such as a ruptured ligament, hip dysplasia or crippling arthritis, orthopedic surgery can provide profound pain relief while improving overall mobility.

What to Expect from Our Experienced Veterinarian

Our experienced veterinarian will keep you informed on every aspect of your pet's surgery, from the initial treatment discussions to an explanation of the procedure itself. We will give you all the pre-operative and post-operative instructions you may need to ensure the best possible outcome. During the surgery itself, we monitor your pet's anesthesia intake and vital signs with the greatest care.

Place Your Pet in the Caring Hands of Our Philadelphia Vet Clinic

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