3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

As a pet owner, it is important that your pet receives quality care, which can ensure that he or she lives a long, happy, and healthy life. At Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic in Philadelphia, PA, we offer microchipping to reunite you with your pet quickly if it becomes lost and help it stay safe. You can learn more about microchipping below: 

microchipping pets

Understanding Microchipping

Microchipping is considered a method of preventative care. This process begins with a microchip that is digitally connected to the owner. This chip is the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique identification number, which includes your contact information. Once the microchip is set up with the necessary information, our veterinarian will insert the chip securely beneath your pet's skin. Microchipping is safe for most animals, such as cats, dogs, horses, birds, ferrets, and birds.

If your pet ever becomes lost, a veterinarian or shelter worker can use a specialized detector to scan the microchip to efficiently return the pet to you. Once the chip is scanned, they can utilize the unique identification numer to search their database and identify the owner. Microchipping prevents extended stays at a shelter allows you to reunite with your cat or dog in no time.

Microchipping Enhances Pet Safety

Most cases of lost pets are not due to negligence, but simply accidents or situations out of the pet owner's control. Pets can often escape if a sitter leaves the door open, a fence opening, or running away after a car accident. All of these situations can happen quickly and can be hard to prevent. However, microchipping adds another layer of safety and you can get your pet back efficiently.

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