3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

Conditions Treated

At Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic in Philadelphia, our focus is on providing your pet with compassionate care and a variety of services to keep your pet on a positive path to good health. From pet allergies and food allergies to situations resulting in pet fractures, our team is standing by.

Our Services

Our services are diverse, making our veterinarian near you the ideal veterinary clinic to take care of your pet's health needs. Along with services such as flea prevention, bloodwork, vaccinations, wellness exams, and more, we also take care of conditions that affect your pet.

Health Conditions

Many conditions can affect your pet's health negatively and cause them undue stress. At our clinic, we provide diagnosis and treatment for pet allergies, pet food allergies, and pet fractures.

Pet Allergies

For a pet parent whose fur friend is experiencing allergies, getting help to treat and relieve the problem is a priority. Things that cause allergies in pets include fleas, environmental allergens such as mold, dust, or pollen, and food proteins.

Symptoms of allergies are extensive. Your pet may experience excessive itching, scratching, biting at its skin, hives, swelling of the ear flaps, or eyelids. If your pet shows symptoms of allergies, our veterinarian will check your pet, run tests, and prescribe a treatment plan.

Pet Food Allergies

Proteins in your pet's food can result in allergies. This means food containing dairy, meat, and eggs are the most common instigators. Other things that generate allergies include soy, wheat, and corn. Like other allergies, our vet will examine, diagnose, and recommend treatment, such as changing your pet's brand of food.

Pet Fractures

Like humans, pets can experience an unexpected accident that can result in a fracture. Pet fractures are either incomplete or complete. An incomplete fracture means the bone, although partially broken, stays in one piece. A complete fracture results in the bone being broken and in more than one piece.

Signs to look for include visible bruises, swelling, a change in the way they walk, and avoiding putting weight on a specific area. Your pet may also become less friendly if it is in pain. When you bring your pet to our clinic, our vet will perform an examination and order X-rays. Once the problem is determined, a treatment plan is put in place.

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When you need to make an appointment at Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic in Philadelphia, contact us immediately, as unattended fractures can lead to ongoing issues for your pet. Our team is ready to assist your pet Monday through Saturday. Call us directly at (215) 621-8959 or email us so we can put your pet on the road to feeling good again.

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