3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

If you require any veterinary care for your furry friend, Caring Hands Veterinary is here for you. Dr. Thomas has been working as a vet since 2003 to help animals have optimum health. He has also worked for many rescue organizations in Philadelphia to help sterilize and neuter animals. 

His vast experience has helped him provide efficient and quality care for pets. You can bring your pet to our clinic in Philadelphia, PA, to get the best treatment procedures, including pet eye and ear surgery. 

Eye and ear surgery

Are You Concerned with Your Pets’ Eye or Ear Functioning?

The eyes are the window to the soul and your pets can melt your heart with just a look. This is why it is disheartening if they have an eye problem. Just as eyesight, hearing is also very crucial for pets. There are many eye and ear problems that can affect your pet. However, this should not worry you. Dr. Thomas, our veterinarian, uses state-of-the-art specialized testing and treatment methods to ensure that your pets get better. Here are common eye and ear conditions that most pets suffer from:

Eye Conditions and Diseases

  • Varying Eyelid Masses
  • Glaucoma
  • Cherry Eye/Third Eyelid Hypertrophy
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Lacrimal Duct Blockage
  • Eye Infection
  • Tear Production Disorders

Ear Conditions & Diseases

  • Aural Hematoma
  • Ear Infections
  • Cysts
  • Ear Mites

How Our Vet Determines if Your Pet Needs Surgery

Before surgery is considered, Dr. Thomas does a full ear or eye examination on your animal friend. He then diagnoses the condition and identifies the best and safest treatment for your pet. If your pet needs surgery, he will first tell you the type of pet surgery, the effects, and how to care for your pet after the procedure.

Types of Pet Surgeries (Eye and Ear)

With advanced equipment and techniques, Caring Hands Veterinary offers enhanced pet surgeries to correct any conditions involving your pet’s ears and eyes. 

Pet Eye Surgeries

Some of the pet eye surgeries that are common include:

  • Construction of third eyelid and conjunctival flaps
  • Lacerations of the eyelids
  • Repositioning of the prolapsed gland of the third eyelid
  • Corneal and conjunctival lacerations

Pet Ear Surgeries

Some of the most common pet ear surgeries include:

  • Ventral bulla osteotomy
  • Vertical ear canal ablation
  • Excision of tumors of the ear
  • Total ear canal ablation

Trust Our Veterinarian, Dr. Thomas, for Exceptional Veterinary Services

If you live in Philadelphia, PA, it’s time you get your pets the best veterinarian for their eye and ear issues. Caring Hands Veterinary strives to give you the best treatment methods that favor both you and your precious animals. Visit us or call us today at (215) 621-8959 to help your pets get back their optimum eye and ear health.

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