About Us

Your dog or cat is more than just a companion animal. It’s even more than a pet. It’s a member of your family. We get that at Caring Hand Veterinary Clinic in northeast Philadelphia. That’s why we see our purpose as being to keep your beloved four-legged family member safe, healthy, happy, and energetic.

Meet Your Caring Hand Veterinarian

Dr. Sajeesh Thomas is AVMA accredited veterinarian who has worked as an animal doctor across the nation and abroad. Dr. Thomas’s support team at Caring Hand consists of dedicated, talented, and compassionate pet caregivers who know how to keep even the most nervous animals at ease.

Caring Hand Veterinary Clinic is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the leading certification authority of animal hospitals.     

The Vet Care We Provide

Our basic services include comprehensive exams, dental cleaning, spaying and neutering, and the vaccines that will keep your pet safe. For your pet’s specialized needs, we also offer state-of-the-art digital diagnostics, surgical care, and pharmaceuticals as needed.

Our exam rooms are designed in soothing colors to calm and relax your pet. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray and an in-house bloodwork lab that can yield fast results when it matters most. We stay abreast of the latest advances in diagnostic and treatment technology.

Another critical service we offer pet owners is education. We’ll make sure you have the guidelines you need on the exercise, nutrition, and training that will keep your pet living its best life.

Once we’ve had an opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with your pet, we’ll be able to tell you the care your animal requires as it transitions through its various life stages or meets obstacles along the way.

It Would Be a Privilege to Meet Your Pet

We’d love to initiate a relationship with you and your family’s much-loved companion animal. Just call for an appointment at Caring Hand Veterinary Clinic at (215) 621-8959. Or fill out and submit our brief appointment request form.

We’re located at the corner of Grant Avenue and Academy Road in the Greater Northeast Philadelphia area, open six days a week. Abundant parking is available.

We know that entrusting your pet to us is an important step and one not to be taken lightly. If you’re not yet sure about the reception you’ll receive at Caring Hand, we invite you to first tour our facility and meet our staff.

We look forward to making your family a part of our family.  



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In case of emergency during our off hours you can contact the following 24 hour Emergency Care Center
Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center (VSEC) vesecvet.com (215) 750-7884
Matthew J Ryan Hospital ( University of Penn.) (215) 898-4680
Centre for Animal Referral & Emergency Services (CARES) vetcares.com (215) 750-2774