3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 


With quality vet care, your pet has a better chance of living a long, healthy life. Quality, compassionate veterinary care is what you can expect from your Philadelphia, PA, vet. At Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic, we offer preventative, medical and surgical care to dogs, cats and pocket pets in our local community to help preserve and restore their health. Our pet care services will help keep your furball healthy and happy for years to come.



Your Philadelphia vet and our dedicated veterinary team offer the following services to pets in our care:

Wellness Care

Through wellness care, we can help your furball stay healthy long-term. Our wellness care program includes such services as pet exams, diagnostics, vaccinations, dental care, heartworm prevention, parasite control, nutritional and behavioral counseling and more. Our facility offers core and non-core vaccines for pets to protect them from life-threatening diseases. We’ll provide you with medication to protect your pet from parasites and heartworm year-round. We can also schedule annual dental exams and cleanings for your pet to help him maintain good oral health. 


Our onsite diagnostics (digital radiology and ultrasounds) and in-house lab for blood work enable us to make prompt, accurate diagnosis of health issues, so your pet can get the treatment he needs to make a speedy recovery.

Medical Treatments

Your Philadelphia veterinarian near you has experience treating all kinds of pet illnesses and conditions, including eye and ear infections, pet allergies, dermatology problems, digestive and respiratory illnesses, heart problems, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and more.

Like people, dogs and cats are prone to allergies, specifically environmental allergies, food allergies and flea bite allergies. It’s not unusual for allergies to cause reactions on your pet’s skin. If your pet’s suffering from dry, itchy skin, skin rash, skin infection, hot spots or other dermatology issue, it could be due to allergies. Through skin and blood tests, we can pinpoint the allergen triggering these reactions and recommend treatment to relieve your pet’s symptoms.

Pet Surgery

Some pet conditions require surgery to restore your pet’s health. Our clinic has the resources and personnel for surgical treatments. In addition to routine spay & neuter surgery to prevent unwanted pregnancy, your Philadelphia vet offers orthopedic surgery to correct problems with your pet’s ligaments and joints, tumor removal, foreign body removal, fracture repair, dental extraction and more.

Exotic Pet Care

We have ample experience treating exotic pets and can help keep your exotic furball in optimal health.   

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