3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

3310 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

Orthopedic pet surgery is a procedure that attempts to correct or bring a sense of normalcy to your pet's limbs. Orthopedic surgery pertains to the bones, muscles, and soft tissues of your pet's limbs. At Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic Philadelphia, PA, we understand how difficult it is to have a pet that needs surgery. That is why we are dedicated to giving your pet the best vet care and guiding you through orthopedic surgery.


What Causes Orthopedic Problems in Pets? 

Orthopedic issues in pets may be from birth, or can happen to them in the course of their lives. Here are some of the most common causes of orthopedic problems.


Pets can suffer from trauma like human beings, and it can cause emotional as well as physical injuries. If your pet has trauma resulting in an injury to its bones, constructive surgery will help solve this. If your pet has trauma, it may show it by hiding, running away, or urinating. If you notice this, please schedule an appointment with our vet.

Congenital Abnormalities

Congenital issues result from birth. Your pet can have deformities from birth, and this is a common need for orthopedic surgery to correct these deformities.


Pets can develop swelling in their joints or other areas. As pets age, they may develop arthritis or other conditions that damage the musculoskeletal system. In severe cases, your pet may need surgery.

What to Do Before Surgery

If our vet determines that your pet needs surgery, we will help you prepare. Some of the things you should do include:

  • Keep your pet hydrated
  • Do not feed your pet before the surgery
  • Wash your pet before the surgery
  • Shave the excess fur off your pet's skin so that the surgery is easier

Our vet will perform tests before the surgery to determine what anesthesia is best for your pet. Our team is competent and understands that pet surgery is difficult. We will walk you through every step of the way.

After the Surgery

After the surgery, you will have to make sure your pet rests and limit its activities for around two weeks, depending on the type of surgery. Your pet should not engage in any physical activities to speed up the healing process and avoid pain. After the two weeks, movement is allowed, but keep it at a minimum. You are encouraged to walk your pet around to stretch its limbs. After surgery, physical therapy may be recommended by our veterinarian.

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If your pet needs orthopedic surgery, we will walk you through the process. At Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic in Philadelphia, PA, our team offers the best veterinary care for your furry friend. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 


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