Pet Dermatology

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. The same is also true of our pets. The skin and its overall health can be tied back to a range of health problems for pets, so making sure that your pets have healthy skin is a must. For those in the Philadelphia area, Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic can help to address your pet dermatology needs. 


What is Pet Dermatology 

Pet dermatology is more than just pet skincare – it is the study of the skin in animals and any possible problems, diseases, or illnesses that might affect it. Your pet’s skin is just as delicate as yours. When a pet has a skin irritation, skin infection, or a skin lesion, it is the job of the veterinarian or vet clinic staff to help determine what is causing the problem, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from harming your pet in any other way. 

What Types of Skin Problems Might My Pet Encounter?

Pets are just like humans in the sense that their skin is delicate and can have a range of problems. Pet skin problems range from irritation to more complex issues like dermatitis, skin infections, lesions, abrasions, and a range of other skin issues that can make day to day life difficult and even painful. 

Skin disorders can cause personality changes due to pain and discomfort. They can cause your pet to become lethargic and it can also affect how your pet eats. Getting your pet to the veterinarian at the first sign of skin problems is the best way to make sure that your pet is going to be healthy and that they are not going to suffer from the long-term effects of skin disorders. 

Rashes are one of the most common skin issues that pets deal with. These can lead to itching, swelling of the affected area, pain, discomfort, and infection. Rashes like those caused by eczema can be treated and kept in check with the use of steroid creams that help to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Visit Our Veterinarian

Your pets are special and making sure that they are comfortable and happy is a must. For those in the Philadelphia area, we at Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic are here for you and your pet. Contact us today to learn more about our pet dermatology services. Call us at (215) 621-8959 or request an appointment online


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